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Commissions (04. 11. 2023)

Renowned Australian-Usbek composer Elena Kats-Chernin composed marvelous piece 

"Times of Rain & Sun" for violin solo, ad lib. gayageum & orchestra for our concert tour "EurAsian Flow".

The music is published with Boosey & Hawkes.


Elena is such an inspiring person and we met her in autum 2023 in Berlin

after a first encounter in summer in Sydney in the same year.

About this meeting "The Seoul Times" published an article.


As a very special honour for UKOREVV, Elena and Viktoria performed together a duo concert in

Traumtonstudio Berlin entitled "Musical Portraits" featuring how classical compositions

nowadays are commissioned and how a new composition can be individually designed:

For birthday parties, in memory of a beloved person, about a painting etc.

Small pieces from duo - to big solo concertos with orchestra e.g.


Music - loved and later: re-loved forever.


Many thanks to dear, wonderful, the one and only Elena Kats-Chernin!!

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